About Navigation Software

LOKATOO uses an up-to-date Intelligent Navigation Software Solution supported by Window CE and other Mobile operating systems. It incorporates a high powered search engine which enables flexible searches and takes only seconds for search queries. Our Navigation Software is developed specifically to suit the local environment and is constantly updated to add new features and functions. This truly 1Malaysia Navigation Software supports multiple languages in voice and User Interface (“UI”) ie. in text, including Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin and Tamil. Japanese and Korean languages are also available.
Our Navigation Software supports Telephone number searches, apart from normal search by road names and Point of Interests (“POIs”). Lokatoo is also the first to incorporate the Multi-Depth Junction Picture for users to easily identify the correct junction to turn into, when there are 2 junctions closely located within each other. This truly 1Malaysia GPS is user friendly and pleasant with simplified Human Machine Interface (“HMI”). To ensure that we meet market expectations, enhancement to our software is an on-going process to improve the UI, map graphics, user friendliness, features and functions of our navigator. Lokatoo Navigation Software will soon support connectivity in line with our Telematics initiatives.