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Step 1:

Select the correct map updates to download. Please note that the map size is large and it may take at least half an hour to complete the download.

Warning: Please ensure that you select the correct map updates. You will not be able to update if you made the wrong selection for your navigator. Amtel Cellular Sdn Bhd will not be responsible for any wrong selections that may interfere with the working of the navigator.

Step 2:
Upon download process completed successfully, plug in your USB cable and connect to the PC. Alternatively, you can remove the SDMMC card from your navigator and slot the card to your card reader. ISUZU users will need to remove the SDMMC card from the navigator and slot it to computer card reader.

Connecting your GPS navigator to computer
(Not applicable for ISUZU In-Built double din model A1621-IB)
  When the navigator is connected to computer using USB cable, the screen above will appear (depending on model). Tap A to only charge the battery of the navigator and B to access to the navigator’s storage (for file transfer).

* Please note that these selection screens are not applicable for model A800. For model A800, its SDMMC card can be accessed once the USB cable is plug in to the device port.

Step 3:
Unzip the downloaded file then, double click the exe file. Then, click “Next”.

Step 4:

Ensure that the drive letter shown is the drive of your navigators SDMMC card. Change the drive letter if necessary. (Do not change the folder name)

Step 5:
Click “Yes”.

Then click “Install” and “Finish” when completed.

Step 6:
To disconnect the USB cable (or remove the SD card), click “Safety Remove Hardware” icon and select “Safety remove USB Mass Storage Device – Drives(X:, X:) as shown below.

Step 7:
Tap “Navigation” on your navigator screen. An activation page will appear requesting for Activation Key.

Step 8:
Access to Key in the Hardware ID and Map ID shown on the navigator onto the computer screen to request for your Activation Key as shown below. Please ensure that you key in the CORRECT Hardware ID and Map ID, failing which you will not be able to get the Activation Key.

Step 9:
Key in the Map Activation Code to the device and press “Activate”

If you are using ISUZU in-built double din model A1621-IB, please delete the file SDMMC\guider\map\MapList.Dat upon successfully updating the map.

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